General Trip Information


Flights can originate from anywhere in the USA where published.

Get a Passport ASAP

It is highly recommended that you register your trip with the US State Department online at Travel Registration

Booking Your Own Flight

Feel free to use your mileage and join the group in Florence.  You may deduct $1000 from the price of the trip. Please note that if you choose to arrive early or depart later than the tour, you will be responsible for your transportation from and to the airport.

Frequent Flier Miles

You can earn miles even though we are traveling as a group. Just call the airline we are using and tell them that you need to be credited for your miles.

Staying In Touch

You will receive a final packet containing all ticket information and other trip documents. We suggest you print two copies. (One for your family and an extra for you.)

A representative from BPP Tours will meet you at the airport and will remain with the group until you return safely to the Florence airport for departure.


You can use your credit/debit cards in Italy, but it is best to inform your bank/credit card company in advance that you will be using them.  Credit and debit cards have the best exchange rate.

Some credit cards are available that charge no foreign transaction fees. Chase, Bank of America and Capital One, among others, offer such cards. Foreign transaction fees on some credit cards can be as high as 3%.

Avoid bringing Traveler’s Checks.  Make sure that your pin does not start with number “0” and does not have more than 4 digits. Some ATM machines in Europe do not accept pins starting with “0” or pins that have more than 4 digits.

RIF card holders are advisable. They are available at any travel store or on-line through, Travel Smith or other online travel stores.

Cell Phones

Check with your cell phone provider before you leave to determine international calling and data options. Unless you need the data option for business, you might want to consider limiting your plan to calling and texting. Wait until you can use the hotel WIFI to download pictures, check your Facebook or use Skype or Face Time. If you have a GSM phone that is “unlocked” you can purchase a SIM card in Florence and secure an Italian phone number and data plan which may be more economical than the US international options.

Packing and Carry-on

Pack light! Statistics show that people normally do not use more than 60% of what they pack.  We suggest you pack a small wash cloth if desired. Most hotels in Italy do not provide one.

Pack your medicine, valuables, and one day’s change of clothes in a carry-on just in case your luggage does not arrive on time. You may visit the Transportation Security Administration website to get an itemization of everything you can think of and identifies if the item can be in the carry-on and or checked luggage.

Number of Passengers

Each tour is limited to 8 passengers. This enables us to tour small,boutique wineries and enjoy restaurants that might not be able to accommodate a larger group.

Method of Payment

BPP Tours accepts checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. A non-refundable $500 deposit per person is due upon registration. Payment of $1,500 is due no later than 30 days after trip registration. Balance is due 120 Days before departure date.

Check Payable to: BPP Tours, LLC 4038 Arnold St. Houston, Texas 77005

Very Important Notes

Be at the airport at least 3 hours before your departure. Please make a copy of your passport and place it in your carry-on luggage while traveling. Each traveler is responsible for expenses in cases where BPP Tours has no control over events (i.e. missed flight because of a highway accident, weather, etc)