Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive my information about my airline ticket and other trip details?

You will receive a Final Package before your departure with your electronic ticket information, all hotel information, contact information for your friends and family and all other information about your trip.  We recommend checking in three hours before your scheduled fight to obtain your boarding pass. Keep in mind that airlines reserve the right to not assign seats until you check-in, due to many last-minute changes on the day of departure, as well as flight schedule changes due to delays, cancellations, etc.  International flights begin boarding as much as one hour prior to flight time.  By arriving and boarding as early as allowed, you will have time to stow your carry-on luggage and be comfortably seated prior to take off.

Can I get my boarding pass before I arrive at the airport?

Most major airlines do allow you to check-in and print boarding passes from their website within 24 hours of departure.  We suggest you do this.  However, in the event you are unhappy with your seat assignment, we suggest you check-in and get your boarding pass at the airport counter three hours before departure.

Is my airline ticket upgradeable or can I apply my points towards my ticket?

If you desire to upgrade your ticket, you need to notify us immediately. Once the ticket is purchased, they are non-upgradeable and non-refundable. If you wish to have purchase an upgrade to first class/business class, it will cost a minimum of between $4,000.00 and $6,000.00, for which payment must be made at time of booking. For certain class tickets, upgrades may be possible, but most often they are not. It is highly recommended that you contact us within 30 days of registration (if registering more than 120 days prior to the date of trip departure) before your ticket is purchased for these upgrades. There is never a time when your points can be applied to the tickets we have purchased. In order to use your points, you must choose the LAND ONLY option ($1000 credit) and book your own ticket.. Please note that when you choose the LAND ONLY option, you are responsible for your own airport transfers overseas. We will assist you in this matter.

Can I change my airline ticket once purchased?

To keep the price of our tours as reasonable as possible, we purchase non-refundable airline tickets.  Once reservations are made with the airlines and the ticket is purchased, additional fees will be incurred for any change requested. There is a minimum change fee of $300.00 plus the airfare cost difference which can cost anywhere from $25.00 to more than $500.00.

What if my information is incorrect on my ticket or paperwork?

You must notify us IMMEDIATELY if at any time you notice a misspelling of your information. Please note that if your name is incorrect on your ticket, you may not be able to pass through TSA. You are responsible for providing us with your name as it appears on your passport at the time of registration. The Mandatory Liability Form will need to reflect your name as it appears on your passport. If not submitted within ten days, or submitted incorrectly, you will be responsible for name change fees and any additional fees enforced by the airlines. It is imperative that the first name and last name appear exactly on your airline ticket as it is on your passport. If the only your middle name is misspelled or not included on your airline ticket but is on your passport, there is no need to worry or be concerned. Please contact us with this information so that we can add it to your airline record. The ticket will not have to be reissued and you will not be prevented from taking the flight.

Can I choose my airline seats?

At BPP Tours we do our best to accommodate all of our guests. However, most airlines now reserve the right to assign seating the day of departure due to last minute changes. They reserve special seating for health and/or other special needs. Check in early to ensure your special request for seating can be met. BPP Tours cannot guarantee your seating request as it is at the discretion of the airlines.

Why wasn’t I seated with my companion or friend during the flight?

We submit all requests to the airline BUT we have no control where the airlines place you. Please go to the airport the day you depart three hours in advance. In the event you are not permitted to change your seat assignment online 24 hours in advance, you may be able to change your seats at the ticket counter.  Please note that 30% of airline seating is closed until day of departure for last-minute seating changes. If your departure is within 24 hours, seats may be assigned at the time of check-in as the seat manifest is under airport control. Some airlines do not permit you to book seats until 90 days prior to departure or except on the day of departure. You may also go to the airline’s website to view your existing reservation and manage your seating requests. Common areas on the website include those areas such as ‘My Trips’ or ‘View Existing Reservations’ or ‘Manage My Booking’. When searching for your reservation, use your airline confirmation or reservation code when looking at the seating charts.

What is the typical upcharge for Business/First Class?

The average upcharge is between $4,000 and $6,000 per person which must be paid in advance once a price has been determined. Please notify us upon registration.

Can I use my frequent-flyer points for airfare and upgrades?

If you wish to use your points, then you must obtain your own airfare ~ LAND ONLY. There will be a credit of $1000.00 per person.  Please notify us of your arrival and departure time.  If you wish to arrive earlier or depart later than the tour, you will be responsible for transportation from and to the airport.

Can I earn frequent flyer miles?

Yes, all travel can be posted to your frequent flyer mileage account. You will need to notify the airline prior to departure of your itinerary and confirmation/reservation code. This can be accomplished at time of airport check-in.

Is there a charge to depart earlier/later than the rest of the group?

If we are booking your airfare, there is a nominal fee for this deviation which includes earlier/later departure, departures from different cities, meeting family/friend at gateway city, flying a specific routing, choosing a specific airline, etc.

What are the definitions of ‘check in required’ or ‘confirmed’?

It means that you need to go to the airline counter and check-in. At the time of purchase, seating assignments were not available due to the airlines control of reserving 30% of the seats. Many foreign airlines do not assign seating to anyone until the date of departure. Your seat is always confirmed and guaranteed. Please note that seating will be assigned at airport check-in.

What is the definition of ‘pending’?

It means that your reservation is confirmed but that the specific seating requirement desired is pending. Please note that seating will be assigned at airport check-in.

What happens if my flight gets cancelled or delayed?

It will be the responsibility of the airlines to book you on the next flight out of the country to your destination either with their airline or another airline. Please notify BPP Tours from the USA before your overseas departure with your ne
w arrival time and flight number. This is important so that we can notify the tour guide in advance and have a BPP Tour representative meet you at the airport.

What if I don’t seem to have enough time between connections?

All flights are booked with “legal flight connection times” set forth by the airlines. If you are unable to make the connection due to a delay or cancellation, the sole responsibility is with the airline for booking you on another flight with its airline or another airline. BPP Tours has no control over this. Please note that the BPP tour guides will be made aware of your delay, provided you notify us before departure from the USA, and they will ensure that you are accommodated upon your arrival to your destination.

What if I need to transfer to another tour date after my airline ticket has been purchased?

If the ticket was purchased as a group ticket, we can save the ticket for one year. The standard international change fee is $300.00. There is also additional fee for the airfare difference which could range from as little as $25.00 to more than $500.00. This assumes the same departure and arrival cities as originally booked. BPP strongly recommends that you purchase travel insurance that covers refunds in the event you cannot make the tour or change to a future date.

What do I need to know about passport rules and regulations?

A passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months after the date of your trip’s departure.  If this requirement is not met, you will be denied boarding at the airport.  Please make a copy of your passport and carry it with you separately from your passport.  In the event your passport is lost or stolen while oversees, a copy makes replacement much easier.  After arrival in Florence, we strongly recommend you leave your passport in the safe in your hotel. 

Do I need a Visa?

Passengers with a US passport do not need a visa to travel to Italy.

What additional forms or documents are required for the trip?

You are required by BPP Tours, LLC to complete a Mandatory Liability Form which is available on the website and will also be included in your Welcome Package.  You must complete this form and attach a copy of the identification page of your passport within 10 days of registration. This is crucial for purchasing airline tickets. Without it, you will be unable to travel on the tour.

How much luggage can I bring?

BPP Tours, LLC provides handling for one piece of checked in luggage per passenger. Any additional pieces of luggage, or luggage which exceeds the maximum weight limit for international flights will result in additional charges which will be incurred by the passenger and not by BPP Tours, LLC. For specific weight and size requirements please check with the airline carrier on which you have been booked.

How much carry-on luggage is allowed?

Many airlines reserve the right to limit each passenger to one piece of carry-on that can fit in the overhead compartment or under your seat. Please check with the airline on which your have been booked to determine carry-on regulations.

What about medication?

BPP Tours, LLC recommends that all medication be in its original labeled containers, including vitamins, and placed in your carry-on luggage. DO NOT put medication in your checked luggage.  In the unfortunate event of lost luggage, replacing your medication may be difficult. If you are a diabetic and require your vials to be refrigerated, please take a frozen icepack with you; place it and the medication in a waterproof container. The TSA does not require medication to be in labeled containers; however, some state laws do require this, therefore we recommend original labeled containers. If you need your medication refrigerated in your room, please notify us so that we can make the necessary accommodations.

When I reach my destination, is there someone there to meet me?

Upon arrival at your trip destination, proceed through immigration and customs and exit the baggage area. Outside the baggage claim doors, a representative will greet you with a BPP Tour sign. If your flight is delayed or you can’t locate the BPP Tour representative, please contact your tour guide at the number provided in your final packet before proceeding.

What amenities are at the hotels?

Your hotel is a 4-star hotel with hair dryers, toiletries, personal safe, etc.  You may wish to pack a washcloth as European hotels generally do not provide them.

Can I bring a curling iron or an iron for my clothes?

Irons and flat or curling irons are not permitted in the hotels as they are a fire hazard.

Should I bring Euros?

We suggest you bring 400 Euro cash per person.
In addition, bring your credit card and your debit card to obtain money at all destinations.  Please notify your bank and your credit card companies that your will be traveling internationally.  Also note that several banks now issue credit cards that do not charge foreign transaction fees.  Among these are Chase, Bank of America and Capital One.  You may wish to consider securing one of these cards for your travel.  Please note that some American Express cards charge a 3% foreign transaction fee.

What adapters or converters to I need for my electronics?

The electricity in Italy is 220V.  Obtain electric outlet adapter/converters specifically for Italy. If your plug is 3-pronged, please secure a suitable adapter. You may want to consider bringing at least two adapter plugs for charging phones, iPads, computers, etc.

What kind of clothes do I wear?

Comfortable, casual dress ONLY. Please, NO NEW SHOES.  Also, please avoid heels.  The pavement in Italy is often uneven cobblestones and heels can easily get stuck and broken.

Should I bring a money belt?

We stress safety throughout the tour. Please keep all bags, purses or backpacks close and in front of you at all times!  Women ~ please bring purses with zippers and not open bags. However, money belts or fanny packs are strongly recommended.  Many travel stores now carry purses with straps that cannot be slit.  We also recommend RIF sleeves for credit cards.

Can I drink the water?

No! As a precaution, please do not drink the water. Bottled water is available at markets or at our hotel.  We try to keep water available on the bus for purchase for 1 euro.

What is the weather going to be like for my trip?

Please refer to the following website for more detailed information:

What is the average cost of lunch?

The average cost of lunches can range from as little as $5.00 to as much as $25.00 or $30.00 per person depending upon whether you wish to purchase a light lunch such as a Panini or pizza versus a sit-down meal at an elegant restaurant. On average, the recommendation is between $10.00 to $12.00 per person.

Can I use Traveler’s Checks?

No. Traveler’s Checks cannot be redeemed easily overseas. With the ready availability of ATMs and the acceptance of credit cards, traveler’s checks are no longer necessary nor recommended.

Do I need health insurance overseas?

You should check with your health insurance provider prior to leaving the US to determine applicable international coverage and the information your will be required should you have an unfortunate experience and require medical care during your trip.  BPP also strongly recommends you purchase travel insurance that will cover trip interruption, cancellation, lost luggage, and other travel misfortune.